We think differently to current models of Health Care reform and Organisational processes in the Australian Health Sector.

We offer a sustainable and least-harm alternative to achieving higher levels of patient care.

We believe that health requires business models that are decentralised, faster and responsive through accountability

We challenge the status quo of budget-driven cost reform, through an alignment of people and management practice.

We enhance the capability of local teams, empowered to take accountability for performance and responsibility for outcomes, without the need for complex and centralised structures.

At the core of the Asclepius Health™ approach is a strong focus on improved patient safety and the mechanisms to drive enhancements which put consumers at the centre of the governance design, and with consistently applied cultural improvements designed to enrich the consumer experience.


Dr Martin Cohen was a valuable and highly respected member of the Hunter New England Local Health District Executive Leadership Team. As Executive Director Mental Health, Dr Cohen was responsible for Local Health District’s comprehensive range of mental health services across a geography the size of England, with a demonstrated a passionate commitment to patient centred care and a strong transformational vision.

Martin was instrumental in improved access and outcomes to mental health patient and families, introducing innovative models of care, encouraging a research and training culture and strengthening the medical workforce now and into the future. With Martin’s strong clinical leadership mental health services are well on the transformation journey, Martin has left the Local Health District and Mental Health Services with a strong accountability framework of service delivery, quality, patient experience, education and research. He remains connected with the Local Health District and Hunter Medical Research Boards continuing to provide valuable advice and governance.

Michael DiRienzo
Chief Executive, Hunter New England Local Health District.

Dr Martin Cohen is a truly transformational leader who has completely turned around HNE Mental Health Services during his tenure. Martin identified the need for innovative change and developed a vision in consultation with staff, consumers and other key stakeholders. He then set on a path to realise that vision and was skilled in bringing everyone on the journey through inclusive leadership.

Martin developed the foundational platform that enabled the transformation of the service, including solid clinical governance and an operational and accountability framework. Under his direction, staff embraced his leadership, and as a result, employee engagement increased, complaints reduced by half and we were being recognised for breaking new ground, challenging the status quo and reforming our service to provide evidence based quality service.

Strategic leadership is Martin’s strength. He not only realises the vision and works out how he is going to execute it, but he inspires and motivates others to work towards the same goal. It is through Martin’s leadership qualities and skill that he was able to produce results that has seen mental health service deliver on vision.

Leanne Johnson
General Manager, Mental Health Service, HNE Health