Asclepius Health™ Player Well-being Program

Asclepius Health™ is conscious of the rapidly increasing focus on the mind health of individuals, in their professional and personal lives. This is particularly evident for elite sports professionals, who perform under constant pressure to uphold peak performance and manage their public profile, to meet the expectation of a broad audience. 

Asclepius Health™ offers the Player Well-being Program focused on identifying risk factors, improving and maintaining the mental health of elite sports professionals. This program is the first of its kind to introduce a systematic approach to the well-being of high-performance athletes, targeting the prevention, intervention and management of mental health in high-performance sports settings. 

At the core of the program is the unique Risk Stratification Key (AsclepiusRSK), an app-based clinical assessment tool uniquely developed by Asclepius Health™, used to identify and create individual programs for all players. This tool is self-managed by the individual player, with team results presented to club management in a codified report, maintaining privacy and confidentiality.


Lead Indicators

The program provides “lead indicators” which identify players at risk of mental health challenges, providing opportunities for preventative measures to be engaged.

Track Well-Being

Designed to encourage sports professionals to progressively track their well-being through a non-intrusive, easy-to-use tool.

Player Driven

Player-driven and managed, ensuring confidentiality and privacy of sports professionals.


Assessment results are codified and presented as a team result, enabling club management to support preventative and health care requirements.


To Players

Confidential, self-managed assessment of your health, with a personalised preventative and support program to maintain optimal well-being and balance.

To Coaches

Develop knowledge of warning signs and activate protocols to best support players towards peak performance and mind health.

To the Club

Enhanced team well-being and performance, for a competitive edge.

Our Difference

We are committed to enhancing elite player well-being and performance through preventative care methodologies. 

The AsclepiusRSK pathway programs are personalised, and individually managed, maintaining player privacy. 

We offer the first sports well-being program in Australia underpinned by a clinical methodology, allowing sporting organisations to monitor and support the mental health of players on a comprehensive and continuing basis.


Find out the value this program can offer your organisation and its people.